ANBD Introduction

Asia Network Beyond Design group is aiming to promote many valuable exchanges and to perform Asian identity through networking over various boundaries.

There are regional offices in four areas(Seoul, Tokyo, Tianjin and Tainan) in Asia for the base of various activities.
ANBD increases the members through the introduction of ANBD participants.
The purpose of ANBD is to deal with the various areas beyond boundaries such as creation activities, generations, countries, event styles, professionals & amateurs, educational / industrial activities, organizations and etc.
"Design" in the name of the group indicates a lexical meaning of design as well as more various and broader activities which are general art & design activities and tangible & intangible system.

ANBD began exhibition, publication of artwork pamphlet, excellent artwork awards since 2008. About 350 artists participated in the exhibitions at Seoul, Sapporo, Tainan and Tianjin in 2008, and over 430 artists participated in the exhibitions at Cheonan, Tainan, Tianjn and Nara in 2009. Various and identified receptions can make feel the creative energy of the potential Asia.
In 2010, the third ANBD exhibitions will held at Cheongju, Tainan, Yokohama and Tianjin under the theme of BEYOND. Artwork pamphlets and data will be purchased under the limit of applicants.

Exhibition Entry

If you want to participate in Asia Network Beyond Design 2010, you can apply it to the regional office. You have to hand in 4 artworks for 4 region’s exhibitions to the office. Solo exhibitions as well as group exhibition are available. Exhibition pamphlets and continuous information mails will be delivered to the participants. And you can apply the ANBD 2010 to the office of region you live or work.

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