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2017 SAPPORO ASIAN WINTER GAMES collaboration project

ANBD Special Poster Exhibition

Copyright agreement on artwork entry for ANBD

  1. The artists declare that their work is their original or created with their collaborators.
  2. The artists agree that:
    1) their work will be displayed at the exhibition,
    2) their work will be published in a pictorial record book,
    3) their work will be used on ANBD websites or publications for advertisements,
    4) their work will be copied and saved to keep a record of ANBD projects.
  3. The artists declare that their work has not been published previously. In case the artists wish to submit or use any elements of their work published elsewhere in the past, they need to assure that the publications with ANBD would not be subjected to any future claims.
  4. The artists pledge that it is their responsibility to solve any problems due to violation of the third party’s copyright.
  5. Regardless the above, the artists reserve:
    industrial property rights included in their work,
    right for private use such as lectures, classes or other exhibitions in the future,
    right for copying or reprinting beyond their private use so long as they notify to ANBD and state the source on the publication.






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Updated information:

June 13, 2016
We are calling for entries now.