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2017 SAPPORO ASIAN WINTER GAMES collaboration project

ANBD Special Poster Exhibition

Exhibition Theme:

“Flame in Winter”

We call for poster entries that illustrate the SAPPORO ASIAN WINTER GAMES using a visual metaphor for the theme.

Purpose of the exhibition:

The 2017 SAPPORO ASIAN WINTER GAMES invites many Sapporo citizens to support and participate in its volunteer activities. It is one of the aims of the event to encourage international and local exchange among the supporters. ANBD has created a new network that integrates different genres of art and designs in Asian countries. It has featured some common Asian themes through graphics and held exhibitions at four locations in Asia: Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. In conjunction with the sports event, we provide an opportunity where people from Asian countries and areas can appreciate graphics that illustrate the theme of winter sports. We also hope it enables people from different backgrounds to respect their cultural differences, interact and experience the development of our city through sports and art.

Expected effect of the project:

It is our first attempt to mix sports culture and art culture. We expect a synergistic effect: people with less interest in art can enjoy sports graphics and those who are not interested in winter sports can actually appreciate sports through art. The effect can enhance the development of both sports and art, which Sapporo city has promoted. The winter season doesn’t always have a bright image, but we hope that our project will provide an opportunity for discovering a new enjoyment of winter life as well as communicating respectfully with different cultures.

Selection of art work:

Art work that is deemed to be inappropriate as an expression of the theme or possibly offends copy right legislation may be refused.


Art works will be fairly assessed according to our criteria and awards will be offered for works selected by a special panel.



Chinese GB

Chinese Big5



Updated information:

June 13, 2016
We are calling for entries now.