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2017 SAPPORO ASIAN WINTER GAMES collaboration project

ANBD Special Poster Exhibition

Solo Exhibition Session

Free and creative proposals are urgently needed to revitalize our economic activity today. We will create a forum for Asian creators from various artistic fields. In this session, we are planning to present an exhibition of 12 solo artists. The artists can present their work on a 6m wide × 4m high wall to express their art and design with no particular theme required. There are no restrictions for the presentation style of art: a panel, 3D, or video images, although you need to consult with us in advance due to the limitation of the space.

How to Enter in Solo-Exhibition


Entry Fee

How to enter

  1. Click on the ENTRY below.
    Deadline for entries: August 25, 2016 October 20, 2016
  2. Your entry fee must be paid by bank transfer as per the details below by September 30, 2016. October 31, 2016

    Exhibition entry fee from China must be paid by bank transfer as per the details below.

    Bank Name: North Pacific Bank, LTD
    Branch Name: Makomanai Chuo Branch
    Swift Code: NORPJPJP
    Account Number: 473-3585056

    Address: Sapporo City University,
    Geijyutsunomori 1 chome, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, 0050864
    Phone: +81-11-592-2436

    *Exhibition participants from South Korea and Taiwan, please follow the remittance method for your entry fee at your regional headquarters.

Schedule of Entry for Solo Exhibition

  1. Application due: Aug. 25. 2016 Oct. 20. 2016
  2. Submission of Solo Exhibition Plan: Oct. 30. 2016
  3. Notification of display plan from the Office to the artists: Nov. 25. 2016
  4. Artists should present their display work: Feb. 7. 2017
  5. Exhibition period: Feb. 8 - 12. 2017
  6. Artists should dismantle their display: Feb. 12. 2017 16:00 - 21:00

Carry-in your work:

Display for Solo Exhibition Session

  1. The following things will be supplied at the office: gallery hooks, metal wire, stepladder, double-sided glue tape, thin nails and pins.
  2. Special requests (for example, desk, projector, screen, etc.) can also be supplied depending on individual needs.
  3. Nameplate (A4~3, foam panel finish) will be created by the office. It includes the artists’ face photo, name, place of residence, name of their institute, profile, the title of their work, and the description of their work.
  4. Display of the work should be undertaken by the artist himself/herself after 10:00 a.m. on 7th of Feb.7.




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Updated information:

June 13, 2016
We are calling for entries now.